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Contact Donna Asher  Donna Asher (505) 299-7377 ex: 23500 Counseling Secretary/Registrar
Contact Charlene Lutz  Charlene Lutz (505) 299-7377 ex: 23557 Counselor


Our School Counselor, Charlene Lutz, offers a wide variety of services to the students, staff and community.  School Counselors are trained to assist students with personal, social and academic issues as well as developing plans for the future.  Brief counseling is available to students on an appointment basis or on a "drop in" basis.  She is accessible to students, staff and parents before and after school by scheduling an appointment. Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact Ms. Lutz at any time regarding any aspect of student behavior, academic performance or change in family circumstances.  She may be reached by calling (505) 299-7377, ext. 23557, or by e-mailing her at 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences may be initiated by parents, classroom teachers, counselors, and/or administrators to address a student's progress in school. Parents are strongly encouraged to contact the school to request a telephone or face-to-face conference with an individual teacher. 

If there is an overall concern for your student's academic progress, you may contact Ms. Lutz directly at 299-7377, ext. 23557, to request a conference. Conferences are scheduled at 7:45 am during the work week. Students should attend parent-teacher conferences held on their behalf. 

Student-Led Conferences

We will hold Student-Led Conferences in the fall and spring semesters (dates to be determined).  These conferences are an opportunity for students to talk with parents/guardians about their academic progress, plans for success and goals for the year and near future.  It is important that each student attend with his/her parent/guardian.

Current Contact Information

Parents/Guardians:  Please make sure to let us know when your address and phone number change.  This is very important in case there is an emergency with your student.  It is also the information we use in mailings and for pre-registration information each year

Advisory Lesson Guides